Magic. Mystery. Synchronicity.

About my business name “Solidago Tarot”

I have a lot of wild goldenrod growing around my house, and one summer, I had a recurrent vision. I knew the Latin word for goldenrod was “solidago”. I kept hearing the word “solidago” , along with a vision of the “Sun” tarot card. This kept happening and I didn’t know why. I looked up the word solidago and found it means “to heal” or “to make whole”. I didn’t understand the message at the time. Later, when I decided to start reading tarot professionally, I knew it was a sign, and that I would use tarot in order to heal people, to help bring about their wholeness. I hope I can help to do that for you.

Goldenrod is considered a weed which many people believe causes allergies. In fact, very few people are actually allergic to this beautiful plant. Ragweed, a small inconspicuous plant, also blooms at the same time as goldenrod. MANY people are allergic to ragweed, but because they don’t notice it, and they do notice the showy golden blooms of the Solidago plant, they blame it for their sneezes and watery eyes.

What we now consider “weeds” were often used in the past as medicinal healing plants. Deep in our unconscious mind we find images that seem either frightening, disturbing, weird or unacceptable. These “weeds” that grow in the gardens of our minds have healing value and a beauty of their own. Through the images on the tarot cards, we tap into this part of ourselves, to find parts we have lost, and become whole.

Bright Yellow Against Blue Sky