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Client Feedback


Erika Gabriello, New Paltz NY







Kate is an incredible resource for guided advice. She gives clarity to what is either going on in my present life, what I have experienced in the past that is coloring my present, or what is possibly headed my way. She gives clear advice about what to do in sticky situations. I absolutely love talking with her and hashing out anything I’m questioning. Kate is intuitive and so kind. She is like having a lovely friend to discuss issues with. Kate is a treasure!

Denisa K, Clifton Park, NY






Kate’s readings are accurate and thought-provoking.  They will send you on a path of soul searching and make you stop in your tracks once reflected in your life.  Her warmth, wisdom and the gift of guidance are undeniable.  I had readings with her in person and via Skype and would highly recommend both.

Sarah Falkner, Hudson Valley NY







I just had the best, extremely detailed, very practical, most specific and verifiably-accurate whenever possible tarot consultation of my entire life to date with Kate Moss, and if you have any areas of your life you would like a different perspective on and insight into, I hope you will book one too too! Positive without avoiding the complexities, drawbacks and conflicts of situations, Kate is very grounded and intelligent while clearly drawing from strong intuition.

Maureen Foss, Dover, Delaware






I just had the most AMAZING short tarot reading with Katherine Moss! Dead on accurate about what was going on, no ambiguity, great advice to correct a problem…. I am sincerely impressed! You need to check out her skills. My head is still reeling.

Mckenzee Greene, Albany, NY







Kate provided me a meaningful, and genuine reading without any context/ personal information. She was able to read into my current issue, and provided me with guidance an a sense of affirmation in my decision making. I will be visiting her again soon for a follow- up reading! I highly recommend Solidago Tarot.

Stephanie Cavoli, Schenectady, NY







I am so very thankful that I reached out and asked Kate for a reading. The reading itself was beyond accurate, healing, and really helped me to navigate a very powerful and scary moment in my life. Kate is passionate, kind, and has amazing talent and connection with her cards. She brings compassion, caring and humor to her readings, and her customer service was fantastic. It is quite clear that she loves what she does and cares deeply for her clients. I loved the voice recording by email option so that I could sit back and listen to what she and the cards had to say when I was focused and ready. I highly recommend working with her and absolutely will be doing so again in the future.

Mary Ellen Cox, Albany NY







I just wanted to thank you so much for the reading yesterday – it was wonderful and I am still thinking about it quite a bit :-).  If you ever do teach a class or workshop on Tarot, please let me know, as I am very interested in learning more.  It is amazing how the story and symbolism of the cards parallel exactly with what is going on in my life right now.  I appreciated the insight it and you gave me!  Many thanks again – you are wonderful at this and your energy was terrific!!  I will be in touch again for a future reading.








Sara L Mastros, Stamford CT







I just got a reading from Katherine Moss, and she was amazing! Very clear, detailed, bang-on results, as well as sensible advice. Thanks!

Tanya Studnicki Kane, Upstate NY






Beyond crazy specific! Thank you so much for my reading today. An amazing experience and spot on!

LindaMaria Pagan, Albany NY







I actually loved having the reading on Skype. It felt very much as if we were doing it in person but in the comfort of our own homes.

Kelly DiCarmine, Latham NY

Kelly DC






Thank you so much for everything!  You made our party soooo amazing!!  Everyone loved you and said you were spot on. YES, YES, YES for next year!  I’ll let you know a date as soon as we agree!

Annie McGoey, Marketplace Director, Capital District Renaissance Festival 







I enjoyed seeing our patrons line up and listen intently to your readings. I heard such great things like “She doesn’t just say general stuff. She truly has a connection with you on a deeper level.”

Kyra C., Pennsylvania







I just had my second phone reading with Kate and I feel so much better! I went to Kate with a question that made me very uncomfortable. It was something that I am sure some would judge me for. Kate was not only non-judgmental and objective, she was very reassuring and made me feel comfortable talking to her. The reading was on point and gave me a lot to think about! Thanks so much, Kate!!!








Lisa Dunston, Upstate NY


I have had Kate give me readings on two different occasions: once on a very sick horse that had been sick for months and was not getting diagnosed correctly. All I can say is: Wow she was right on! Couldn’t believe it. Thanks Kate; you’re awesome!

Mara Swankey, Pattaya, Thailand


I was trying to decide between two distinct options and just wanted some guidance. I asked the vaguest of questions so as not to taint the outcome. Not only were the cards that came up incredibly insightful for my situation, the intuitive details Kate provided were uncannily accurate. Kate has an authentic gift, and it’s wonderful that she’s starting to share that with the world. I highly recommend her readings at Solidago Tarot.

Mary, Upstate NY







I just had my cards read by Kate of Solidago Tarot via FaceTime and it was excellent. It wasn’t the first time either. The first time was at a holistic fair I attended. Every time she reads my cards everything comes true. She’s very good at what she does. She’s very friendly, open and kind, and works well with your schedule. I really enjoyed my reading every time thank you so much.

Catherine Port, Watervliet, NY

Catherine port3





Thanks for a great reading on Sunday!!! What you hit on with my question was amazing!!

Ilona Pamplona, New Jersey


The universe put Kate in my path when I was in the middle of making a major life decision I had been struggling with. I had never had a phone reading before, and I was worried we might not connect in the same way as I would in person. Boy, I was wrong! She was extremely warm and authentic. Her reading was spot on, and she put cards I didn’t understand into context for me. The clarity I had afterwards allowed me to not only make a decision, but to feel confident in that decision to this day!

Angela Ressa, Liverpool, England.

Angela Ressa

I had my very first Tarot reading the other day with the Kate. First time ever!! I really didn’t know what to expect. I was so blown away by the accuracy of the reading and also the message that I received. I certainly don’t know how to explain it, but it was an awesome experience. Kate was very kind and really took the time to talk me through the cards. If you are interested in trying Tarot card reading, I highly recommend contacting Kate.

Margaret Dorn , Rotterdam, NY


Twice, I had the pleasure of talking with Kate of Solidago Tarot and having her read my tarot cards. Kate’s readings were not typical tarot card readings. Kate was completely focused on the cards and their meaning as they pertained to my life. She thoroughly explained each and every card down to the finest detail. She consistently made sure I understood their meaning. Kate put my thoughts, concerns, and ideas into perspective, and really helped me to see things in a new light.   It goes without saying that I would highly recommend Kate for a personal reading, or for any special function, as she is personable, accurate, and thoughtful when interacting with her clients.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am feeling the best I have felt in a week! The messages came through loud and clear with your help!