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Six of Cups

Today’s card is the 6 of water from the Gaian tarot.

6 of cups is about the emotion of nostalgia. As humans we are social animals. Sometimes in our modern world we feel disconnected or alienated. We may long for a time in the past where we felt connection to others. We also imagine there was once an ideal sense of freedom from modern restrictions and an innocence we have perhaps lost. We wish for a community of like minded people to bring back what was lost.

In this card’s image, we see a sisterhood of women naked in the ocean, joined in a circle. There is a seal nearby indicating a connection with nature and the wilderness. The sun is setting indicating a loss or the end, and painting a beautiful mellow light over this scene.

Was there ever such a time? Could we recreate this type of experience? Would it feel forced or fake or awkward? Would we worry about our fat rolls, sagging breasts? Would we compare our bodies to others?

Can we recapture a true and healthy connection with other humans and with all of nature? It’s lovely to think we could. But whenever humans are involved, there tends to be conflict, petty grievances, power struggles etc. for the nature of social beings includes those things as well. However, human experience can be full of beauty and kindness and sharing too. It’s always a mix.

Today look around and consider your connection to others. What is your ideal, and how does it compare to reality? Rather than judging… Just observe. Watch yourself as you navigate the waters of connection. Watch your expectations, your desires and your fears. Watch your tendency to wish for something deeper and more meaningful. Watch your desire to shrink away and not be burdened or bothered by others. Just watch. You don’t have to “fix” anything, in others or in yourself. You can spend time just observing.

six of cups