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9 of Wands leads to 8 of Swords?













I pulled these two cards side by side in a reading recently, and thought I’ve read tarot for so many years, seeing them side by side still surprised me. While the soldier in the 9 of Wands is well guarded in his self-made fortress, the bound woman in the 8 of Swords seems hopelessly trapped by her sword prison. What was once the bandage protecting the head of the wounded soldier becomes the blindfold covering the eyes of the woman, preventing her sight. The soldier in the 9 of Wands has a weapon in hand, ready to take action. The woman in the 8 of swords can’t move, her arms tied behind her back. While at one time the objects surrounding the central figures were alive and growing, now they are cold and barren. The blue sky has given way to gray.┬áThe whole scene seems diminished.

In each card, the central figure seems very alone. How can he or she connect with others?

Security is important. We need to feel safe. But freedom and flexibility are also important, especially if we are to be open to meeting others heart to heart. Today, examine your own “inner fortress”… what thoughts and ideas make you feel safe? What you might have developed as a much needed defense during a difficult time, might now be like a suit of heavy mental armor, weighing you down. What if you loosened that up a little, let down your guard? How would that feel?

May you free yourself from the thoughts that restrict you, so that you can meet others without fear.