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Four of Swords

When jogging this morning I approached a political sign on someone’s lawn and I physically felt my heart constrict. I realize I am carrying a lot of stress just from the constant bombardment of opinions, articles, arguments, advertisements etc. related to the upcoming US presidential election. Whoever you support as a candidate, I think we can all agree this particular election cycle is very tumultuous. Right then and there I asked the earth to help me recycle that energy that I have been carrying around with me. I left it there on the sidewalk in front of that political sign.

It’s important to ground, to give back to the earth the energy that we don’t need or want. This can be a deep meditation or just a moment where we ask the earth to help us, as I described above. The earth will be able to reuse the energy. Send a blessing with it to be reused in a positive manner.

We live in an information age and we are constantly given more messages than we can take in. We can’t digest so much information so quickly. What’s more, we are also being manipulated by public relations and advertising experts whose job it is to try to make us feel certain things and to sway our opinion, and ultimately our actions.

While it’s good to discuss and even debate sometimes… too much of that is also unhealthy. We need a balance. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually we need to find balance. Keep fighting the good fight for what you believe in, BUT ALSO take time to recharge, to rest, to meditate and to exercise. What can you do today to find that balance?

Check in with yourself right now… are you carrying around energy that you’ve absorbed from the news, from political debates etc? If so, let it go. Yes, you can come back to fight another day… but you will be better prepared to do so if you remember to step back and recharge too.

I knew I wanted to write about this subject, so I asked for a card to represent what I wanted to say… then I thought “What card might represent this energy?” I thought of the four of swords… and I drew… The four of swords! Tarot is amazing, isn’t it? 🙂

This image is the four of swords from the Robin Wood tarot.